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Posted on the 01st June 2015 by michael

So... I finally did something with that idea I had last summer. now exists! Well, not that it didn't before, but it exists properly now, and is ready to do some cool stuff!

So anyway, I finally got sick enough of ZenPhoto that I wrote something a bit more fitting. It's not nearly finished yet, but I think there's enough to be getting on with for now. No doubt I'll be putting up some more posts about the backend I've created - it's quite interesting since a large amount of the site's data comes from metadata embedded in the photos, so I can upload straight from lightroom and still get good results.

Anyway, enough of the backend, what will actually be here? Well, my intention is to post photos from places I've been, accompanied by blog posts (maybe!) it's not quite a straight forward photo gallery since it has a lot of links between sections - you can click through from photo albums to details of the trip the photos were taken on. No doubt more features like that will come into existance as I think of them.

Anyway, I need to:

  • sleep
  • tag photos in lightroom for upload
  • write a proper backend for this site so I don't have to use the generic admin views in Django to type posts in raw HTML, and can actually work with the metadata sensibly

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